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The free version of our eBook includes 80 of 108 pages of content. Upgrade to the full version which includes numerous supplement recommendationds and dosages for detoxification, sleep, and weight loss along with a fasting protocol and seed cycling recommendation!


Discover "The Wellness Guide - A Functional Medicine Approach to Better Health," an eBook that empowers you to achieve optimal health. Delve into the principles of functional medicine, understanding the importance of addressing root causes with foundational principles.


Explore the power of nutrition as a basis for vibrant health, learning about balanced diets, macronutrients, and informed food choices. Uncover the impact of stress and effective techniques to manage it. Develop a personalized exercise plan and understand the significance of community and relationships. Nurture your spiritual well-being through practices like meditation and gratitude.

Navigate toxins in your environment and learn strategies for detoxification. Explore the critical role of gut health, optimizing digestion, and the gut-brain connection. Make informed choices when selecting supplements tailored to your needs. Discover sustainable weight loss strategies, natural remedies for pain, and insights into women's and men's health.


Explore alternative wellness interventions like IV therapy, red light therapy, sauna therapy, and peptides. Understand the potential negative effects of medications and the importance of laboratory testing in functional medicine.  Embark on this journey towards optimal health and well-being with "The Wellness Guide - A Functional Medicine Approach to Better Health" eBook. Gain knowledge, tools, and strategies to take control of your health and unlock your body's full potential.

FREE - The Wellness Guide - A Functional Medicine Approach Abridged

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  • This eBook was curated by Metta Wellness NW PLLC and its' providers and is meant for patient education alone. All medical decisions should be discussed with your health care provider. In downloading the eBook you understand and agree to consult your provider with questions. Additional disclaimers are located in the initial pages of the eBook for review, both free and paid versions.

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