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Functional Medicine

Integrative Medicine

Functional medicine and integrative medicine utilize modern, conventional medicine along with naturopathic modalities to diagnose and treat patients.  We seek the ROOT CAUSE of the issue rather than masking it with medications or only treating symptoms.  Employing pharmacotherapy, natural medicines, and herbs, we treat underlying inflammation, metabolic conditions, and work with you to find a solution.  We may perform genetic cancer screening and assessment based on your hereditary history, or if you are at high-risk, in order to be proactive with your health.
We specialize in a variety of conditions including but not limited to : gut health (SIBO, SIFO, leaky gut), type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, and weight management.

Peptide Therapy

Peptides* are small sequences of amino acids used by our bodies to regulate metabolism, hormone balance, and the immune system.  Peptide therapy uses synthesized peptides that are replicates of our body's naturally occurring peptides.  Peptides are useful adjunctive therapies for a variety of situations including: weight loss, lean muscle gain, immune system boosting, improved healing, libido, and mood.
We utilize registered compounding pharmacies that adhere to strict USP 795 and USP 797 standards.  Peptides are administered intramuscularly, subcutaneously, transdermally, nasally, or orally.

*Note: some peptides have been restricted by the FDA and are no longer available

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Women's Health

Women's health is one of our specialties. From contraception to treating endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and sexually transmitted infections.  We love helping women achieve optimal wellness using an integrative approach.  Using conventional medicine, holistic/functional medicine, genetic testing, and by performing a comprehensive health history review, we work together to find what works best for you.

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Hereditary Cancer Genetic Testing

Being proactive with your health is important for you and your family.  Screening for hereditary cancers is one aspect of preventative medicine slowly becoming incorporated into clinics around the world, but it still has a ways to go.  We partner with a genetic company to screen for breast, ovarian, colorectal, endometrial, melanoma, pancreatic, gastric, and prostate cancers. This 35-gene panel includes the commonly known BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations, in addition to, screening for Lynch syndrome and familial adenomatous polyposis; genetic variants associated with colon cancer.  Knowing your hereditary cancer risk can save your life, your siblings lives, and your children's lives by allowing you to take preventative action and seek treatment sooner.

*Insured patients can bill their insurance for the genetic test
**Cash pay or uninsured patients can purchase a similar genetic test at reduced cost if they meet NCCN guidelines.

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Hormone Therapy

Men and women alike need estrogen and testosterone.  Women need progesterone as well.  Often, modern and conventional medicine practitioners assess hormone levels and tell patients everything is normal, when in reality, patients may need hormone supplementation to reach optimal performance.  We help patients with hormone replacement therapy due to hypogonadism or other causes and optimize our patient's hormone levels so that they thrive.

We utilize FDA registered compounding pharmacies that adhere to strict USP 795 and USP 797 standards.  Hormones are administered intramuscularly, subcutaneously, or topically. 

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Our Patients

We see patients ages 13 and up!  Patients under 16 years of age will need parental accompaniment.

We provide specialized, integrative care to young adults, adults and older populations.  We do not discriminate regardless of age, sex, gender identity, religious beliefs, ethnicity etcetera.  We are LGBTQIA friendly and provide gender affirming care.

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