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Functional Medicine Initial


60 minute visit



Yellow Flowers

Functional Medicine Visit

$300/initial; $200/monthly

Tree Texture

Hereditary Cancer Genetic Consultation

$150 Initial 30 min + 30 min follow up

Camping in Mountains

3- Month [2 visits/month 30/60] 10% off


Enjoying Outdoor

6- Month [2 visits/month 30/60] 15% off


Sunset over the Mountains

Peptide Services

Minimum 30 minute visit required

Mountain Ridge

FedEx/UPS ground shipping service. Next day/Two day available at additional cost.

Snowy Mountain

All prices subject to change without notice

Broken Trunk

Hormone Therapy Consultation

$200/initial; $135/month

Water Sport

Lab/Imaging/Chart Note Review

Initial 15 minutes - $30

Additional 15 minutes - $40

Cave Explorer

Annual [unlimited visits] 25+% off


Bicycle in Asia

All other visits 30/60 minute


Body Builder

Some Peptides require lab monitoring. Patients can run labs through insurance or we offer discounted labs through select laboratories.

Gym Tools

Growth Hormone Peptides [sermorlin/glycine], PT-141 etc


Please contact us for additional pricing

*A $75 charge will be billed prior to your visit and applied to the visit/service cost. No show appointments or cancellations without 24 hour advanced notice will not be refunded.*

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